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Terms and Conditions

We only work with high-quality wrap vinyl. The wrap films we use come standard from the brands 3M and Avery. We can deviate from this on request as we can supply all brands. 3M and Avery are A-brands and are of high quality. 

In addition to the standard legal rules surrounding an agreement between buyer and seller, we have a number of additional rules that we would like to inform you of. 

We have drawn up this document for the customer's information and to avoid any discussions in the event of damage. We request that you read points 1 and 2 carefully.

1. Liability

  • The customer is at all times responsible for the paint quality of the delivered vehicle. This means that if paint comes off due to the applied wrap vinyl, no claim can be made for any damage that may have occurred. The responsibility for any financial consequences lies entirely with the customer. 

  • RealWraps is not liable for the consequences of any changes in laws and regulations. 

  • Tints of lighting/reflectors are entirely at your own risk, it is possible that the car will no longer pass the MOT. (Depending on tint and tinted object).

  • When your car is parked on our premises or indoors, your own insurance applies at all times. Your car is NOT insured by us in the event of, for example, theft or fire. (We are insured under the AVB company insurance, which NEVER covers other people's vehicles). Example: you bring your car to us for a car wrap, a fire breaks out and your car is lost. In this case you will have to contact your own insurance for reimbursement and all additional costs will be at your expense. We are NOT liable for this. 


2. Warranty

We provide a standard 1-year warranty against peeling of the foil under normal use. The warranty expires when:

  • The wrapped vehicle visits a car wash. 

  • The vehicle to be wrapped is delivered wet.

  • The vehicle is washed with high pressure, with the lance being aimed at the wrap with a distance shorter than <60cm.

  • Incorrect use of the car wrap.

  • Incorrect handling of the car swap. (Never polish!)

  • There is NO warranty on crushed stone. 

  • Damage to the car wrap due to poor paint quality.


3. Cancel

  • If you wish to cancel after an appointment has been scheduled, you can notify us free of charge at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel the order within these two days, we will charge 20% of the invoice amount. 


4. Payment


  • We only charge call-out costs when we arrive on location and the invoice amount is lower than €100, excluding VAT. 

  • We send business customers an invoice within 2 days with a payment term of 31 days.

  • Private customers must pay on site upon delivery. 

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